I have never heard anything to awful in my entire life! wow! Castrati sang in CHEST VOICE not only head. Still others feel that he was a very fine singer indeed, and that much of the "difficulty" in listening to Moreschi's recordings stems from changes in tast… "Ave Maria" de Gounod/Bach cantada por Alessandro Moreschi.? For those who it haunts, did you ever think that possibly it's just the song itself, the melody??? And who knows what things we do to ourselves now for the sake of beauty (botox, implants, surgery) will no be considered barbaric in 2106? Either way, it is amazing the depth a chauvinistic society will fall just to avoid celebrating the beauty of the female voice. IANAL, but I'm pretty confident that it's completely public domain. People seem to forget that castrati did not arise out of simple mysogny, but to combine the power of a man's body with the beauty of a woman's voice. Yikes! Though he was not one of the greats, Moreschi's voice had the power to make high and mid-range notes resonate and open up in a way I've never heard. Album The Last Castrato. I guess it's a little late now to complain about this, but mankind has sure come a long way. It must have been really amazing to listen to the great castrati sing. It has haunted me since, I have carried a memory of this voice in my head for all these years. What if the person was castrated and ended up with a horrible voice? I don't know if I could have stood to listen to him if I lived back then either. One wonders whether he suffered the same injustices as other musicians today. Have some common sense. Thanks. It is sad when you think back on it,that these boys were castrated for the for the sole purpose to sing as a woman.That they would never grow up to be with a woman or to have children of there own.To be even after there prime or usefullness a rememberance of what was thought of perfect singer.BUT in a way we still do it today with sports personalities and actors and yes singers. OH MY! What differentiates the castrati from the female soprano voice is the richness and timbre of the voice that no female can accomplish. (Dissertation) Boston University, Boston Mass. but thats how it was back then so it was okay......see y'all done got me started over here!! I also felt a bit of pity. Check out Ave Maria: Ave Maria by Alessandro Moreschi on Amazon Music. I am a male. Once again I've spent way too much time listening to this and reading comments from all. Cantaba como solista en la Capilla de Nuestra Señora del Castaño y ahí sucedió un evento que marcaría la vida de Alessandro. Posted by 1 year ago. This is the first time I have heard music like this and it was one of the most powerful songs I have heard in a long time. To all of you who speak to the horror of castration for any reason, are you aware that female genitalia disfigurement (female castration) is still practised in may third world countries? "A time of swords and honer"??? Superb. The piano isn't as full sounding as I would have liked but that's what happens when you have really old technology. I've heard an Lp compilation of his works (ca. Especially considering that 1)only about 1% of the boys went on to successful music careers and 2)anesthetic at the time consisted of getting hit in the head with a piece of wood. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from Alessandro Moreschi. A comment from one other reveiwer who wondered if there were not two castrati singing and 2.) I heard that recording in my music history class 10 years ago and it creeps me the heck out even more now. I will never hear this song again in the same way. Thank goodness our music and common sense have evolved since then. so was it okay "back then" when women were considered less than nothing and so called "bound" by God to love, honor & "OBEY" thier husbands and be abused and neglected thereby in effect made a prisoner inside thier own homes??? By contrast, at least two matched singers (low range/high range edited together) sang in the Farinelli movie sound track to represent Farinelli's unique voice. The worst part of this is that most of these poor kids were sold out by their parents for a few lousy lira. I cant imagine seeing a grown man singing with this kind of voice. I hope I don't have bad dreams tonight! When my older brother heard this, he said it sounded a lot like I did in a 6th grade talent show, before I had "grown into" my voice, as he put it (thankfully, I no longer sound like a castrato, and have developd into a pleasant lyric coloratura). To criticize the results (beautifully strong voices) because we find the practice repugnant is unfair. Biografia I primi anni. I didn't touch it again until today, so it has been at least three months. I thought I was listening to Stuart from MAD TV. While Moreschi was past his prime during the recording, this is a piece of history that cannot be relived, and should be cherished as such. I'm sure some of them were magnificent to hear and to behold. Isn't it incredibly sad and pathetic that the society Alessandro was born into (and all the castintos) was soooooo male dominated (and female phobeic) that it would castrate their own male chilren rather than allow a naturally occuring female voice breech "their" domain? I, like 90% of reviewers found this EXTREMELY disturbing. Keeping in mind this type of voice was popular over 100 years ago, my 21st century ear thinks it sounds completely horrible. Sounds like Tiny Tim singing tip toe through the tulips. A new version of Last.fm is available, to keep everything running smoothly, please reload the site. Ave Maria Gratia plena Maria, gratia plena Maria, gratia plena Ave, ave dominus Dominus tecum Sus padres eran Luigi Lorenzo Moreschi y Rosa Maria Pitolli. The fact that this was a man made me feel creeped out. 1980s) where they pitch-matched each piece to the known printed music, as well as some original vintage Monarch (pre-Victor) pressings from ca. It just got the nuts started raving. Too many ppl i think are judging this on the history of the singer than any for any merit or not in the musc. They didn't use a standard 78 rpm speed, closer to 76 or even 70 in these early days of the disc phonograph. Don't like it, don't care for it, and the practice should have never been started. Shaky voice with too many ornamentations--this really lacked appeal to me. He was, in fact, the only castrato ever to make solo recordings. I listened to this recording about a dozen times.For this i award it five stars. As far as the recording quality, it was 1904. on February 20, 2004. More men should get their balls chopped off! Indeed. I found it extreamly haunting. Tiny Tim's secret has been revealed! It sounded like something you would hear in a horror movie. The voice doesnt sound terrible either like some of you have said. Although I don't know if this song had anything to do with the name. so in other words......for one to say because that was a different time then somehow that makes it okay???? Ave Maria! This would indicate that the physiology of the castrati lent itself to a relatively easy execution of these passages. )DID THIS TO HIMSELF ON PURPOSE!WAS HIS FAMILY SO POOR THAT WAS THE ONLY WAY FOR HIM TO LIVE? I find the sound to be almost painful to my ears, and lacking in any real depth and body. Alessandro Moreschi (1858 – 1922) is the only castrato known to have been recorded as the practice of castration of boy sopranos to create a powerfully distinctive soprano voice had greatly diminished by the mid-19th century. You say women's voices are different, and it's 'like apples and bananas', but you still don't explain how, or why, you conclude this -- you only assert 'because it is'. And if you want to talk about castrating or circumcisions, I suggest you go back to Twitter. you can tell that this man loved have no balls! Perhaps those 4 criteria will come to pass someday, though it no doubt will be absolutely discouraged. So the quality we hear is most certainly due to serious limits in recording technology. I understand that that is a very poor recording as it was recorded early this century but DAMN. The male-dominated Italy of that era was, as another poster pointed out, misogynistic. The performance in 1904 is also old enough to be public domain. Higher that any girl or boy in my school. I can picture this piece as a soundtrack to a horror movie scene. Worst performance of Ave Maria I have ever heard. but i think it might just be one of the prettyest/shityest songs i have ever herd in my life! There is an undeniable sense of pathos to his performance that seems to stem from more than a knowledge of his condition. When I was young, I had an extremely high voice. Listen to Ave Maria (2009 Remastered Version) by Alessandro Moreschi & Anonymous, 661 Shazams. Who's to say that his own mature (intact) male voice, with all the training he had, wouldn't have been magnificent. What does stike me now is two things. Still, thanks for the experience. Weird sounding indeed. If you haven't seen the movie "Farinelli", it's worth seeing. It’s such a beautiful song, and I think the sound quality adds to the charm. Between 1902 and 1904, Moreschi recorded 17 tracks, and you can hear them all here. but im also definitely aroused, in a morbid, morbid way. One hate's to speak ill of the dead, but, cheese louise, the guy sounds like Florence Foster Jenkins. If that's what they were shooting for by chopping off their penises, what a waste! Bernachi (another castrato) taught Farinelli how to sing 'colorature' in chest voice :D Modern sopranos and countertenors mostly uses just their head voice. Close. (Moreschi was in his mid-forties when he made his recordings.) this music actually did sound similar to boy sopranos in choirs. After reading reviews of people being 'creeped out',I was a bit nervous to listen to this recording. I would much rather listen to this static laden recording than some drunk dunce slurring words to a tune and calling it music. the static noises.. the creepy nature of an operatic song of unfathomable language (at least to me).. kinda conjured up images of this psychotic person singing in some sorta psychic ward or a murderer in his victim's house just after he kills the victim, recorded using a dodgy tape recorder. I don't like such castrato-music so much, but - of course - it's a precious rarity, Advanced embedding details, examples, and help, http://www.instantarticlewriter.org/index.php, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alessandro_Moreschi, http://www.bassocantante.com/opera/curiosity.html, http://www.usrf.org/news/010308-castrato_recording.html, Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014). Were there two of them in this recording? I am shocked and appalled! What was his regular speaking voice like I wonder? While my heart aches for him and the physical alterations he had to endure, I think his voice was beautiful. I do prefere this style so brave and sincere. Publication date 1904-00-00 00:00:00. As a vocal coach and a choir director, I am not impressed. Such an intense feeling of style that is so far removed from what I'm used to hearing. Alessandro Moreschi. To have reached such vocal purity is something the majority of present day singers can only dream about. The society settled for a poor imitation of a woman's voice, when their was no need. It was the past reminding us to pay attention to the present. The point is the barbarism music fans. gratia plena Dominus tecum benedicta tua in mulieribus et benedictus fructus ventris tuus Jesus sancta Maria! Listen to Ave Maria by Alessandro Moreschi, 1,412 Shazams. They are only objecting to the social norms of over 150 years ago, and even then it was falling out of favor. Yes, it is haunting. The public is fortunate to have access. Here's a "cleaned up" version. He was in his 40s at the time of recording) music streaming. i rate this a 5 out of 5! I know that's probably not fair, considering this recording is older than 100 years. It took me an hour or so to recover from the initial shock and to then force my brother to listen to it with me. Robert Anthony Buning: Alessandro Moreschi and the castrato voice. And just to inform, while castrati did start to fill female choir roles in the church the castrati were primarily the heroic male leads. Nació el 22 de noviembre de 1858. a piece of recorded history that we can tune in and embrace... this was certainly appreciated! The changing social norms is one reason Castrati fell out of favor. Perhaps we can get a few pedophiles and rapists to check it out. Many commenters remark that his performance is poor, but forget to listen to the instruments (the woodwind, for instance), and notice that they "perform" poorly as well. Does anybody know if there is a re-mastered(?) Keep the politics out, this is another time another era and cannot be compared to todays standards. 1.) Female mutilation is still going on today, defended by many. 111/112), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. This fine piece of music has a "poor quality" because it was recorded long before the invention of digital music (or even records.) Cavaliere Moreschi singing. It makes me wonder how many of them sounded like this poor soul. Ave Maria by Alessandro Moreschi. Knowing this to be a man, and not an untalented old woman, gave me the creeps. As a lifelong singer and as someone who has studied the finer art of music theory, I find this astounding. Alessandro Moreschi, one of the last castrato singers, performed Ave Maria and several other pieces of music on recordings for the Gramophone & Typewriter Company in the early 1900s. He did nothing of the sort. Just a pity there is not more recording of this type of music as although it was controversial it was a spiritual kind of music. By the time Alessandro Moreschi joined the Vatican Choir, castrati were employed only by the church - as they had been as early as the 15th century. Flat. The poor recording can be quite excused, but I think a female voice would have been more listenable. Literatur. Archived. This valuable recording gives us a glipse of how amazing the great castrati voices might have been! Inexcusably stupid. I would've gotten a better sound out of straggling a cat. It was a horrible, horrible sound. Read about Ave Maria (Ultimo Castrati) by Alessandro Moreschi and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. cuz this bitch is totally awesome! I also suspect that it means nothing to most people, but about Alessandro, who was singing this piece at age 46, I doubt if the sacrifice he was made to undergo justifies the performance I just listened to. Not impressed. This piece really calls for legato singing for those long, beautiful phrases. Very unlikely indeed. Wish I hadn't downloaded and listened to it. Very unique sound indeed. I feel I don't know how to listen to this, given the limitations of 1904 recording. Let us know what you think of the Last.fm website. To all of those here who are talking like schoolchildren, snickering and snorting about genitalia and poor quality, I suggest you "grow up". 20. In answer to number one: no there is only one soloist but his timbre and pitch so closely resembles the violin accompanying him that at times it does sound as if two castrati are singing. THAT WAS SO BAD THAT MY EYES STARTED TO BLEED AND I ALMOST DIED A HORRIFIC PAINFUL DEATH. Or was that the pain I felt upon hearing his voice? Alessandro Moreschi (November 11, 1858 - April 21, 1922) was one of the most famous … This sounds like a prime candidate for a digital clean-up! Ave Maria:Ave Maria Alessandro Moreschi. But wow what a recording. Alessandro Moreschi nacque a Monte Compatri nel 1858, sesto degli otto figli di Luigi Lorenzo Moreschi e di Maria Rosa Pitolli. I think it'd be appropriate to show a little compassion for all the boys who were castrated so that their parents could (hope) to get out of poverty. It's a shame none of them were able to make recordings. 2.) i time of swords and of honer and of opera being one of the highest art forms.

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